- VAT Compliance Diploma – UAE
- Member of BOKS International –Global Top 30 in Accountancy Age
- UAE new Arbitration Law
- Khoory Hill Business Valuation
- Environmental Services Pre-Feasibility Study
-  Limouge Launch Party: A success story!
-  Pre-Feasibility Study on Industrial Oxygen Plant in UAE
-  GESS 2014 – 5th- 7th March, 2014
- MIM professionals conducting feasibility study in Smart Homes
- SME Congress & Expo at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center


VAT Compliance Diploma – UAE

Distinguished by extra ordinary, proven ability Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim presents another achievement having been certified for VAT Compliance Diploma – UAE. This success leads the company to go farther to extend our services and provide best solution to more business establishments succeed and reach their goal. As a holder of VAT Compliance Diploma –UAE, we provide the key considerations for businesses operating across the UAE who are registered for VAT to help them accurately and effectively comply with UAE Federal VAT law. We will ensure your records are maintained as per the requirements of Federal Tax Authority in UAE, you tax returns are submitted on time and in compliance with FTA requirements. Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim has served diverse roles from executive management to strategic planning, with various esteemed organization across the GCC. Some of his Professional Certification and achievements are listed below:

  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA) from Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – New Jersey, USA.
  • Listed as Arbitrator in Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) – Dubai, UAE
  • Listed as International arbitrator in Egyptian Chamber for International Commercial Arbitration (ECICA) – Cairo, Egypt
  • Member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and former President of IMA – Dubai branch and Doha Branch.
  • Professional in Market Analysis for Property Development from the Institute of International Research – Dubai, UAE
  • Professional in Real Estate Finance & Investment from the Institute of International Research – Dubai, UAE


Member of BOKS International –Global Top 30 in Accountancy Age

It’s a magnificent start of the year for Asel Al Maayer achieving membership to BOKS International, one of the fastest growing global alliances of professional service firms within the Global Top 30 according to Accountancy Age. This year marks a great responsibility to stay ahead, an opportunity to expand worldwide and stand out on our services with high end results. Asel Al Maayer is now an independent member of the BOKS International, an international alliance of professional business advisors focused on delivering excellence around the world.

This rewarding achievement connects us to a global access of resources, world leading services and provides high standard technical support, guidance and development beneficial not only to clients but for our partners and staff to render top quality services, efficient advise and cost-effective solutions

With proven services for the span of 33 years offering international expertise and local knowledge ensured our clients and partners as well, achieved their business goals and for this remarkable global start we are looking forward having the vision to be the leading player in the field of Audit & Accounting.

About BOKS International
BOKS International is a top 30 global alliance of expert firms providing high quality professional services and advice. With a rapidly growing global presence, BOKS cross-border service offering facilitates the international operations of businesses of all sizes and ambition. Supporting firm growth and development, BOKS is the global alliance of choice offering clients fast and effective access to quality-assured professionals across the globe. BOKS International has around 44 members in 32 countries offering high quality professional services in accountancy, audit, tax, legal services, corporate finance and advisory services.

BOKS International was founded in 2016, by UK top 55 accountancy firm Taylorcocks, with a clearly stated ambition of reaching the top 20 global alliances in 2 years. Growing at an unprecedented rate, they have already achieved the significant milestone of being considered within the global top 30 according to Accountancy Age. Their mission is to enable the world’s leading professional firms to share their business experience and offer outstanding services within a fluid and entrepreneurial context. It is also to allow members ‘global reach’ without compromising their freedom or distinct character, and this is what makes them so unusual and so attractive to members and clients. Their focus is on creating networking opportunities through a more open, flexible arrangement that fosters meaningful, long-term relationships.

UAE new Arbitration Law

Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim, Owner of MIM, was awarded certificate of attendance for the completion of ‘UAE’s New Arbitration Law’ workshop which was held on 5th December 2018 in Dubai, UAE organized by Dubai Chamber in co-operation with Taylor Wessing Middle East LLP. The workshop was held to improve the awareness of the new Federal Law no. (6) of 2018 on Arbitration and give an overview of the new law from arbitrator’s perspective.


Asel Al Maayer in association with Martten Cox & Associates provide a wide range of professional services such as auditing, bookkeeping & accounting, and consulting services.

We focus on the continuous professional development of our employees in order to provide our clients the best up -to -date services in terms of audit techniques and methodologies.

We help your firm grow, in terms of profitability, with minimum cost, less time, a modern style of management, and flow of managerial information system. In addition, we offer the highest level of expertise and dedication in auditing and consulting services to give your firm the opportunity to compete in today’s markets.



Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Tecom Investments, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), International Humanitarian City (IHC)

In UAE, most of the Free Zones mandate the companies operating under its control to submit annual audited financial statements at the end of each accounting year in order to renew their trade licences. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that companies under free zones comply with rules and regulations and are following the best business practices.

Asel Al Maayer Auditing & Accounting, Dubai, UAE established in 1994 is a professional services firm providing auditing and accounting services. It provides various services to small and medium size entities in areas of financial audits, business advisory, and other non-assurance services. Asel Al Maayer is now listed in the approved auditors for the organizations operating in the following free zones:

1. Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)
2. Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)
3. Tecom Investments
4. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
5. International Humanitarian City (IHC)






We look forward to render our quality services for the long-term benefit of organizations in all free zones.

Contact us:
Rawdat Al Wasl Bldg, Office 102
After Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel: 9714 321 5848
Fax: 9714 321 5838




MIM recently started conducting a feasibility study in Hydroponics. Hydroponics is an advanced technique in growing plants, fruits and vegetables, using mineral nutrient solution. This technique involves growing plants in water tanks using organic fertilizers which cease the need for chemical fertilizers and hence reduce the side effects of such chemicals on human health.

The Promoter of the business is Mr. Mohammed Saleh, Al Ain – UAE. MIM has started conducting the feasibility study of the business including the technical, financial and economical study which will assist in implementation of the Business.  Emirates University, Al Ain – UAE, had previously prepared a study on the same business idea, and had actually implemented the project on a small scale by building up a small farm with aquariums where farmed fish secrete ammonia and other nutrients. This water is then filtered from all impurities and sediments leaving only useful nutrients and ammonia. Thus the remaining water will be used in growing plants hydroponically since it contains natural organic fertilizers.

The idea of the project depends on using aquariums to produce organic fertilizers; where they grow plants hydroponically using the water of the farmed fish or other aquatic animals after filtration. This method not only promotes growing plants using organic fertilizers but is also a way of recycling to save water and make use of the waste produced by farmed fish.


Khoory Hill Business Valuation

MIM professionals are conducting the business valuation for M.A.H.Y Khoory & Co L.L.C.

M.A.H.Y Khoory Group is a huge conglomerate of over 2,000 people, across the middle east recognized as the leading name in water pumping solutions, Electrical solutions, Recycled paper manufacturing and management and logistics.

The various subsidiaries and divisions of the group includes the following:
1.  Trading Division which are having products and solutions across pumps, firefighting systems, motors, engines, generators, pressure tanks, AC drives, valves and cables.
2.  Engineering Division which is in designing and installing pumping systems, fabricating transfer sets, decorative and purification fountains and irrigation systems for a diverse range of projects.
3.  Union Paper Mills, is in to the business of recycling waste papers to cater to the needs of packaging industry in UAE and countries worldwide.
4.  Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments, is a luxury living apartments strategically located in the heart of Dubai.
5. Interiors Division, offers complete concept design consultancy services and products for interiors including flooring, kitchens, furniture, home appliances.
6.  Paper Trading Division of M.A.H.Y Khoory & Co is the exclusive distributors of photocopy paper from the leading mills Double A and APP in the United Arab Emirates.>
7.   Recyclable Waste Management Division, has a team of over 900 people that coordinate the collection of all types of recyclable waste from businesses, home and public spaces
8.  Creative Solutions Green Building Consultants offers various consultancy services for the improvement of energy efficiency in cost effective ways which is also environment friendly.
9.  Senan Engineering is involved in the manufacturing of Blow Moulded Plastic Jerrycans and Car oil containers.

Each of the above subsidiary and divisions are evaluated on the basis of
Commercial Feasibility (Market Feasibility Survey)
Financial Projection
Asset Valuation
Average Net Profit Multiplier
Current Market Value
Discounted Cash Flow
Goodwill valuation
Financial Analysis

All relevant for the specific industries with in which they operate.

And all the above valuations of each and every subsidiary companies and divisions are consolidated to determine the value of the group of companies and it’s shareholders worth.


Environmental Services Pre-Feasibility Study

MIM have recently finished the pre feasibility study for Environmental Services company to provide the services in cleaning and maintenance sector, with Vacuum Loader and high pressure jetting services. The business proposal is to provide these services by acquiring the Vacuum Loader and high pressure jetting systems. The target customers for the services are expected to be cement factories, aluminum factories, steel plants, sewage plants, and various municipal projects and municipal requirements. With minimal, infrastructure, human resource and maintenance expenses, the company is expected to make good economic returns through business operations.



Limouge Launch Party: A Success Story!

MIM celebrated the hard work of its team and Limouge’ s at Limouge Travel and Tourism launch party that took place on 30th April, 2014 at the Address Hotel, Dubai- UAE.   The party started with a remarkable speech that Mr. Amro Kamel, the owner, presented welcoming his guests and sharing his joy with his team, as well as introducing his group of companies. Mr. Amro also discussed how he thought of expanding his family business and established Limouge. The Marketing Executive – Mathew Vinod took forward by telling more on Limouge Travel and Tourism. The speech was followed by several cultural dances such as Salsa, Hawaiian, Mexican, Spanish, and a couple more dances to entertain the guests.  Finally, the event was concluded by a draw which consisted of coupons of free trips to Switzerland, Bangkok and Thailand for three lucky winners.

MIM was proud to be part of this success since MIM, with its wide experience in e-hospitality and e-commerce industry, prepared the Feasibility Study for Limouge, which shows viability and potential good return on investment, After taking the decision to start establishing the company (Limouge) The owner considered the feasibility study as a tool and business plan to guide in how to create the company to the point of operation.

MIM’s consultants, who are specialists in establishing companies, supported Limouge in all legal issues such as compliance with all regulations set by the Tourism Department and Economic Department to the point of getting all required licensing to start the business. Furthermore, our sister company, Ebtikarat Development, based in Egypt, created and developed their online portal including the integration with all international tourism networks that have agreements with Limouge. As well as providing accounting services such as installing the accounting software, book keeping  and recruitment services for Limouge to hire the right talents and experienced staff.

In addition, MIM developed the corporate governance of Limouge including the board policy, the policies and procedures for all departments, company structure, job description, templates and formats, reporting system and authority matrix, etc.

Altogether, it was an amazing event celebrating our success, celebrating and announcing the takeoff moment of Limouge, and we are hoping for Limouge Travel a prosperous futureto start gaining the fruits of their hard efforts. We will be looking forward for more success stories like Limouge in the near future and we wish Limouge Travel and Tourism all the best for future.


Pre-Feasibility Study On Industrial Oxygen Plant In UAE

MIM has recently finished conducting a pre-feasibility study on Industrial Gas Manufacturing Plant with production capacity of 800 6 m3 cylinders per day, with actual plant capacity of 2000 6m3 in UAE.

Business Information

The project will be producing medical grade oxygen and Industrial oxygen from free saturated air sucked from atmosphere. The process adopted to produce oxygen and Nitrogen is called liquefaction and fractional distillation of Air. The other gases that are expected to be produced in the plant are Argon and Acetylene. The technology is based on Linde & Claude process which is a Cost-effective method of producing Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon & Acetylene for High quality industrial and medical use with high purity Oxygen/Nitrogen with high pressure to cylinders/bottles.

Market Aspects                               

The market for industrial gases are valued at USD 38.0 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach an estimated value of USD 58.4 billion in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2012 to 2018.Global demand for Nitrogen and Oxygen is expected to reach USD 6.2 billion and USD 6.1 billion by 2018 respectively. Demand for industrial gases has been lower in 2013 than in 2012 because of the difficult economic environment. Steel production and coal gasification are two major end uses for oxygen. Year-to-date raw steel production is estimated to be down by 7–8% compared with the same time last year. Correspondingly, oxygen consumption is down.

Technical Aspects

The said project can be started in any specific Industrial Area in UAE. It may be in any Industrial Area of Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman or Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). The location of this proposed Pre-feasibility is however recommended at Dubai Industrial Area. The plant requires stringent governmental rules as the plant comes under hazardous manufacturing unit, therefore an environment impact study and detailed health and safety standard operating procedures have to prepared at the time of obtaining the license and no objection certificate from governmental bodies prior to building the plant.  The plant process is explained in detail in the study, the plant is based on German Technology and manufactured in Italy. Human Resource requirement is done based on requirement of production and sales of finished goods. There is good availability of skilled and qualified human resource in UAE to run the day to day operation of the plant.

Financial Aspects

Based on general assumptions with the daily output of 200 cylinders of each gas of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Acetylene, the business could generate annual revenue of AED 12 Million, against total annual expenditure of AED 7 million.


GESS 2014 – 5th- 7th March, 2014

We often wonder how E- Learning is providing us with a better future, when it’s departing us from the books and writing skills.  This question was resolved when I attended GESS 2014 (Gulf Educational Schools Supplies) on Wednesday 5th-7th March, 2014. It was a three day exhibition held at Dubai World Trade Centre where exhibitors and visitors came from all around the world.

The exhibition had different stalls from advanced technology used for big engineering universities to Lego used in nurseries. There were not just technical stalls, but stalls to set up a whole school on a turnkey basis, providing with designs, furniture and other school equipment. I had an amazing experience meeting the Principles of different schools and universities and taking their feedback on how they liked the Exhibition.

It was also a good platform to promote iBag, (the school electronic bag) introduced by Ebtikarat Development, our sister company.  Now-a-days, educational resources of different types use varied methods of delivery of study materials in different types of formats and presentations such as hard books, electronic content ( audio, video, pdf, eBook, ibook, etc- ), through different resources (publishers, partners, affiliates  libraries, YouTube, Google, etc ). Educators and learners need a platform to access, control and mange such content in participation and ease.  iBag application provides the platform that empowers the users to acquire, deliver, create , manage and access all types of educational content with ease and security. One of the most important advantages of iBag System is being able to provide synchronous education within a virtual education environment.

I was delighted by the response from different school administrators related to iBag. We are looking forward to be part of GESS 2015 as GESS 2014 was a huge success.


MIM Professionals Conducting Feasibility Study In Smart Homes

Conducting a feasibility study is not an easy process; it requires a lot of expertise in financial, technical and market research fields. This is the reason entrepreneurs always choose MIM for consulting services and feasibility studies. Our professionals help you decide if the business idea makes economic sense, whether it is a new or existing idea.

MIM is currently conducting a feasibility study in Smart Homes business in the UAE. The feasibility study consists of 3 areas: Financial analysis, market research, and operational and technical details. Our financial analysis includes income statement with projection of 5 years, financial position, cash flow, equity, sensitivity analysis, CAPEX, breakeven analysis, ration analysis, risk assessment, etc. The market research aims at assessing the market, competition analysis, and proposed marketing strategy. The operational and technical details include identifying the licensing procedures, area, location, machinery/ equipments, infrastructural requirements. Etc.


SME Congress & Expo At The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center

Addressing the key challenges and solutions facing SME’s in UAE and the Middle East was one interesting topic which MIM could not miss.  These challenges were addressed in the SME Congress & Expo which was held in strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

The SME Congress & Expo took place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from 16 – 18 December, 2013. The event focused on addressing the major challenges facing SME’s in order to help them successfully launch, finance and grow their businesses.   Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim – MIM Managing Director & Partner, and Mr. Ahmed Akl – Senior Accountant & Public Relations Manager attended this 3-day event which comprised of a strategic congress and training workshops which helps SME owners and entrepreneurs navigate the complex landscape of owning and running their own business.