Auditing & Consulting

Asel Al Maayer  is a professional services firm providing auditing and consulting services to organizations of different scales, ranging from the small and medium-sized to the large. Having established in 1994, we transfer 20 years of aggregated experience in UAE to your organization. Asel Al Maayer & Its International Associates are equipped with the latest technologies & techniques of International Auditing Standards can help your firm grow in terms of profitability, cost efficiencies, savings on time consumption whilst adopting a modern style of management through enhanced managerial-information-systems.

We believe in quality working practices, ethical standards and in delivering value for money — value that continues to have lasting benefits to our clients.

These words summarize the spirit of our people and the way we work with the clients. Our Value philosophy involves the delivery of performance focused consultancy using a measured and validated approach. This helps us to instill confidence and develop sustainable partnerships with our clients. Continuous improvement of approach and delivery through training is encouraged and facilitated through a comprehensive program for consultants. This helps us to maintain leadership in the many management disciplines we offer. 

Our approach to relationships and service delivery helps our clients, both international and local, to uncover new opportunities, improve performance, manage risks and enhance value for both shareholders and stakeholders alike. Asel Al Maayer understands how important audited financial statements are to a business, shareholders, lenders, investors and other stakeholders. We work with some of the country’s most successful private and public companies. Our approach is, first to understand the business and the risks it faces, and then to focus our efforts where it matters most. Our method is both effective and cost efficient. Asel Al Maayer professionals operate in multi-disciplinary groups focusing on clients' needs and industries. We aim to deliver quality services through dedicated teams operating through varying lines of businesses.


We exist to share the responsibility with our clients develop their business in accordance with international standards and best practices.


We exist to share the responsibility with our clients develop their business in accordance with international standards and best practices.

- To determine and judge the reliability of the financial statement and the supporting accounting records, and whether these statements are showing the true and fair view of
the state of affairs of the company’s business.
- Supporting in detection and preventing of errors and fraud.
- We support our clients to comply with the international standards or IFRS
- We support our clients to discover their strengths & weaknesses to improve the company’s performance in term of profitability and healthy cash flow